UML Lab & Refactoring

Round-Trip-Engineering is one of most useful aspects of UML Lab. However, I found some problems of using that.
I refactored a design model by moving a method (foo()) from a class to one of its related class. Actually target class is a parameter of the method, which makes this refactoring possible at source code.

I did refactoring at design-level using drag and drop technique (I think it is the only way to do refactoring, if there is another way please let me know). However, during code generation while the method is moved to the target class, its references are not updated which is a big problem.

Please let me know if I need to do any configuration (An example can be very useful).



  • Hello Iman,

    what you have done via drag and drop is a plain edit operation. It is not a refactoring and thus the references are not updated. Currently UML Lab support model-side refactoring only for renaming (not moving). We plan to distinguish between plain editing and refactoring as soon as UML Lab supports more refactorings.
    So please use the source code refactoring of eclipse to perform a move at this time, if you would like to have references updated.

    Best regards,
  • Hi Christian,
    Thanks for your response.

    >>It is not a refactoring and thus the references are not updated
    Actually, this aspect of UML Lab is what I need. I wrote a program that tries to fix references at source code depends on what happened in design level. (-;

    The only problem I faced is that UML lab does not completely support comments during a round-trip process.


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