adding attribute if unknown type - unable to recover from error

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When I add an attribute to a class in the class diagram of an unknown type (for example, I attempted to add "id:Long" without first creating the "java.lang.Long" class in the model), an error appears in the .uml file. After going into the .uml file, deleting the line item for that unknown type, cleaning my Eclipse project and rebuilding, the error remains until I quit Eclipse down completely and restart it.

Upon restarting, the "Progress Information" popup appears with the text: "Operation in progress...", and I'm unable to cancel or close this, nor figure out what it's doing. It never finishes and I have to "kill " my Eclipse process. Restarting the process again usually does the trick, but is definitely not ideal and I worry about the health of my Eclipse projects whenever I have to "kill" anything.

Is there a bug tracker I should be submitting these kinds of details to?



  • Hi Bloo,

    Concerning the "unknown type" error: UML Lab automatically creates types for you if they didn't exist previously. It's for simplicity. But - as it's quite possible that the user just misspelled an existing type's name - UML Lab adds an error marker on the newly created type and its usage (e.g. the property) automatically.

    But there are three quick fixes available which help you resolving the issue. Just hover over the usage of the new type (for example over the UML Property) and left-klick on the icon that appears when hovering. There you can choose, if you want to remove the type, create it permanently or to replace all occurrences of it. Take a look at the screenshot.

    Note: Technically a new DataType with the given name is created and the Stereotype "UnresolvedElement" is applied. So you can as well add the DataType to your class diagram (via "Configure Class Diagram") and then edit it as you like.

    Another technical detail: These error markers are created by a validation job which is executed after each model editing operation. You can also invoke it manually. Select the diagram's background and choose the "Validation" tab in the Properties View. There you'll find the button to execute validation ("Validate Now"). You can also use this view to configure the validation.

    Concerning your problems when starting UML Lab. If eclipse hangs, please file a bug in our bug tracker ( Please append the output of the jstack command. If you're using microsoft windows, open the command promp and execute 'jstack '. Then the stacktraces of all currently running threads are shown. Just pipe this output into a textfile and append it to your bug report. This will help us identifying and solving the problem.

    Best regards
    Manuel Bork
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