I have tried trial release of UML Lab Modeling IDE Version: 1.13.0 on a java class to try to generate a class diagram and I get a StackOverflow:

at com.yattasolutions.obf.aj.f$a.isCanceled(SourceFile:34)
at com.yattasolutions.obf.aj.g$b.b(SourceFile:96)
at com.yattasolutions.obf.aj.g$a.a(SourceFile:35)
at com.yattasolutions.obf.aj.f.a(SourceFile:169)
at com.yattasolutions.obf.aj.f.a(SourceFile:114)
at com.yattasolutions.obf.aj.g$a.a(SourceFile:45)
at com.yattasolutions.obf.aj.f.a(SourceFile:159)
at com.yattasolutions.obf.aj.f.a(SourceFile:114)

Reproduced twice.

Best Regards.


  • Hello,

    sorry for the delayed response.

    I had a look on your stacktrace, but without an example to reproduce it myself, it will be difficult to fix this issue. It would be great, if you could provide me your diagram as attachment.

    Best Regards
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