Problems with reverse engineering

Hello :)

I tried to reverse engineer my project like in the video:
At around 0:54 he is able to click "Next" to select the sources that are going to be reverse engineered. Also he is able to choose between "Single Class Diagram" and "One Class Diagram Per Package"

I don't see these options and the button "Next" is not clickable.
I only have a trial version and a dark theme if that matters.

Best regards,
Kai Meinhard


  • I solved my problem, but I'm not exactly sure what caused the problem exactly.
    I installed a new eclipse version (Eclipse IDE for EE Devolper 64bit) and a 64bit version of the Java SDK. Now the option "Next" is clickable.
    The dark theme and the trial version, definitely are not what caused the problem. I checked that.

    Best Regards,
    Kai Meinhard
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