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we have some trouble with the floating licenses, because our students have quite restrictive access rights on our network. At the moment the license url does not get stored and has to entered again on every start.
I read in another post that the license url can be set through a property in eclipse.ini.
Is it possible to set other options there, too? eg. set the "keep license" to "no"
Is there perhaps an document showing all available eclipse.ini options for UML Lab available somewhere?
Thanks a lot for your help!
Best regards,
Stefan Meier


  • This question was originally answered via support mail. I'll just post the answer here for the benefit of others coming across this issue:

    To configure the license information, you have a couple of options.

    1) In your eclipse.ini/umllab.ini:
    Add the following line to the end of the file:
    -Dyatta.floating.license=<your license url>

    2) In a separate license file:
    Create a file named floating.license that contains your license url as its only content. Put it in any of these locations:
    - your Eclipse/UML Lab installation directory
    - your user home
    - your workspace directory

    3) In an environment variable:
    Create an environment variable named yatta.floating.license and set it to your license url.

    To configure the "Keep License" option, you can use option 1 or 3 above, but use yatta.floating.on.exit.behavior as the property name instead of yatta.floating.license. Valid values are keep, return and ask.

    Configuring additional Eclipse preferences is possible as well using Eclipse's plugin_customization.ini file. This is quite a bit more involved though and beyond the scope of basic UML Lab setup. Let me know if you need instructions.

    As an alternative, you could also check out our free Yatta Profiles, which allows you to create custom Eclipse setups and share them with your students easily.
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