Importing UML files from git

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I am trying to use UML Lab for a class I teach. I have a git repo which contains .uml and .umlcd files created by one user via the "New UML Lab Java Project" in Eclipse. A new user wishes to work on the project.

I try the following:
1. git clone the repo (including the UML files but not .project or .classpath from Eclipse)
2. In Eclipse, I do "New UML Lab Java Project" but I get an error that "Resource 'myproject.umlcd' already exists. Now code generation doesn't work properly.

Is there an easy way to repair this?
Or is there a better way to achieve what I am trying to do?



  • Hello,

    the new project wizards assume empty projects. So you basically have to choices:

    1.) include .project and .classpath file in your repository.
    2.) Import the project using the Eclipse default wizard for existing projects, and then just open the *.umlcd file by double clicking it.

    I'd recommend sharing .project and .classpath in the repository. That way you ensure that each project is configured properly.

    Best regards,
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