Trouble Reverse Engineering in Tutorial

I'm running through the tutorial, and I've ran into a problem right after the "Reverse engineer the project" step, when I'm told to add elements to the diagram with the "Configure Class Diagram" window. None of the classes from the "UML Lab Shop Example" are being shown.

I've no idea what the issue is, I've been following the tutorial exactly up until the point it says "Wait a second for the Configure Class Diagram dialog to show up if necessary". The dialog never appeared, I had to right click the window to open it myself, and it doesn't show a single class that I can add to the diagram.


  • Apparently, the reverse engineering did not import the files properly. Do you see a corresponding error message in the error log view? Please also verify, that the source folder containing your source code is selected by checking the 2nd view of the import-wizard.
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