UML Lab Modeling IDE will not install.

I am having problems with the UML Lab Modelling IDE. It was working fine then it crashed. I reloaded it and it gave an error message telling me to check my Internet configuration settings before crashing again. I think that it may have conflicted with the setup I had on eclipse Juno and the trial setup from the direct download site. I have uninstalled both of them with the appropriate tools and deleted the workspace and the installation folder manually. I then tried to reinstall the IDE from yatta and I got an Internal Error Message which forced me to close the program.


  • Hi Danny,

    is UML Lab now working for you? If not, please invoke the following in a command prompt and attach the output of it:

    jstack -l <pid>

    whereas <pid> is the process id of the java process which runs UML Lab.

    Best regards
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