reverse engineering a package diagram from java code

Hi there,
I want to reverse engineer a package diagram from Java code. How do I do this? I didn't find this functionality - nether in a context menu nor somewhere else.
For reversing code to class diagrams there is an online tutorial, but for package diagrams?

Thanx in advance


  • Hi Torsten,

    you can use UML Lab's standard reverse engineering and then configure the class diagram to contain only Packages.

    Therefore, choose the "Packages" filter in the Configure Class Diagram dialog and add as many Packages as you like to the diagram (see first screenshot).

    Please note, that we are about to release a new version of UML Lab that allows you to use the "Browsing tentacles" on Packages like on Classes. So you maybe want to update your UML Lab installation to get this new functionality ;). The release of UML Lab 1.5.2 will be end of this week.

    Best regards
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  • Just wanted to let you know that we released UML Lab 1.5.2 which contains those "Browsing tentacles" on Packages.
  • Hi Manuel,

    thanks, that helped. BUt this way I only get the hierarchical relationship between packages. For me an important use of package diagrams is also the (visual) analysis of packaged interdependencies to reveal possible cyclic dependencies.
    So additional to the hierarchie I need to see whether package a uses package b (exactly: whether any class from package a uses a class from package b) and vice versa. The best would be to have cyclic dependencies highlighted.
    Is that possible with UMLlab and how?

  • Hi Torsten,

    Yes, you're right, this is only a view on the Package hierarchy. Visualizing the usage-relations between Packages and highlighting cycles is indeed a very important task that can also be done with UML Lab.

    We don't have a one-click support for this in the product, but we are currently working on a tutorial that describes how this can be done with UML Lab. I can send you a first version of it by mail (before its public release on our website) if you like!

    I think I'll have it at the end of the next week.

  • Any news on this issue? I need the same view on usage-relations between packages.
  • Hi,

    Yes, we made huge progress in this direction. The current version of UML Lab (1.6.2) supports modeling of UML Components and we offer "Architecture Review" as a service to our customers.

    It basically works as follows:

    • Let UML Lab Reverse Engineer the source code into a UML Model

    • Define some UML Components

    • Assign Packages/Classes/Interfaces to these Components
      • Just right-click on a Component in the diagram and choose "Configure Element Imports"

    • Invoke the usage analysis
      • Right-click on the diagram and choose "Architecture Review -> Create Dependency Graph"

    You'll get Usage relations between the Components. If you select a Usage in the diagram, you'll get some more information about the coupling in Eclipse' Properties View.

    Note, "Architecture Review" is not shipped with UML Lab but in a seperate plug-in. I can send it to you by email if you like.

    Best regards,
  • Hi,
    I have installed UML Lab - Version: 1.8.0
    I have successfully generated 1 single diagram for an existing java code.
    When i am trying to "Export diagram as Image" i am getting below error
    Unhandled event loop exception
    No more handles [GetLastError=0x8]
    Is there any plugin that need to be installed Or this feature not available in trail version.

  • Hi,

    Exporting diagrams as image is included in the trial version, so apparently you encountert a bug. Could you please send your error log to Which operating system are you using? Did you download the UML Lab RCP or did you install UML Lab as a plug-in into an existing Eclipse?

    Could you please try to export the diagram after restarting UML Lab?

    Best regards,
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