My personal access

I install the UML and I got the personal access link but its not working. Can I get help please??


  • I'm getting msg: License couldn't be acquired. I just recieved the email to activate my personal access.
  • Naselmi, I've removed your Screenhot. Please don't post your license credentials here.

    I hope the solution I sent you in reply to your mail has worked for you. I'll post it here, too, as reference for others:

    Judging from your screenshot it looks like there was a problem with recognizing the license URL.

    Could you please try clearing the "Host URL" text field and then paste the complete license URL into it? UML Lab should recognize the URL and fill in the other fields based on that.

    Alternatively, you could also fill out the whole form by hand. In that
    case please make sure that the "Host URL" field only contains the part after
    the "@" ( The "Contingent" field needs to contain the part
    before the ":". And the part between ":" and "@" goes into the "Password" field. As mentioned above, UML Lab should do that for you if you paste the whole URL into the "Host URL" field.

    Please let me know if you still have any problems using your license.
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