Problem with license and viewing models.

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Hello. I attempted to set up UML Lab by using my university email address and its name. However, I have a trial lasting only one day and the program does not allow me to stay logged in as there was an error that I do not know how to solve.
I am also unable to view any labs I create due to other errors. I would greatly appreciate any assistance in fixing these problems.
Thank you.


  • Hi,

    Could you give me some details on the error you got? You can check if it appears in the Error Log (type Ctrl+3, then "Error" and choose the Error Log view to open it). There you can right-click on any entry and copy it to paste it here.

    The trial from our website works for 30 days after registering through the dialog that should pop up at start. You can also register for a personal Student Edition license at and we will send you a license key with installation instructions. Alternatively, your course instructor might have an Academic License for use in your courses. In that case, he should have provided you with a license key.

    Please let me know ff you need any assistance with setting up your license key.
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