Installation of Student Edition on a PC and Laptop?

Hi there,

I'm currently studying Computer Science and have a need to use UML Lab with eclipse for alot of our course projects, I have applied for the Student Edition however I think I'll hit a snag in my need to have it installed on my home PC, and my laptop which I haul to uni to program on, how would I go about having this installed on both my PC and Laptop with just the one license? Or does the Student Edition allow for this flexibility?

I hope someone knows a solution to this, as I will require UML Lab on both machines for my studies.




  • Hi Arran,

    Thanks for your question. The UML Lab Student Editions allows using UML Lab on your home PC as well as on your Laptop with the same license. So it's ok to enter the credentials into both UML Lab installations.

    Technically the Student Edition is a floating license which has a limited contingent. So please release the license when exiting UML Lab. Just deactivate "Keep License on Exit" for that purpose. You find this setting in "Window/Preferences/UML Lab/Product License" and also when terminating UML Lab in the popup dialog.

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