unhide getter and setter methods in class diagram

Getter and setter methods are hidden by default, I was wondering if there is a way to make them visible.
I have tried changing the code style to Legacy, but unfortunately as soon as the code style is changed and saved the code is regenerated and a getter/setter methods are removed.


  • Hi Masih,

    Thanks for your question. Well, getter and setter are not just hidden - they do not exist in the model. UML Lab's reverse engineering abstracts these implementation details (as they are part of the templates). This tutorial explains the concept of UML Lab's template based abstraction: http://www.uml-lab.com/en/uml-lab/tutorials/creating-code-styles-for-existing-code/

    Why do you want to have getters and setters in your model? Models should abstract from coding details and should highlight design aspects.

    If you want to have the getters and setters in your model nevertheless (= disable abstraction), you'll have to disable all code styles and overwrite the existing standard and legacy templates...

    Please let me know if you need help on this.

    Best regards
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