Error: The Association "" is defect: At least two member ends are required.


I got the above error message after refactoring, moving and deleting several classes. I already tried "reparse", close project and several other options but the error remains. How do I get rid of it?



  • Hi Michael,

    Thank you for reporting this issue. It seems that the reverse engineering sometimes removes member ends from associations and so the association gets corrupted.

    I think you have to manually delete the defect association. Therefor search it within the UML Lab tree view (or in your class diagram) and delete it there. So far, navigation from the problems view to the UML Lab tree is not supported - I added a feature request for this issue ( Until then, the 'location' column in the problems view gives you a hint where to find the association. Please note, that this value is not available in the current release - but will be in the upcoming release which will be available tomorrow.

    Hope this helps you.


    PS: After deleting the defect association invoke "Compare Generated Code" (right-click in the class diagram editor) to see if the code generator is about to change your source code. If so, please reverse engineer the changed source files into the model to bring model and code in sync again. You can choose reparse all files or drag the affected files from the package explorer in the diagram while pressing the "Ctrl" key.
  • We added a quickfix that helps you deleting the defect association. Right-click on the entry in the Problems View and select "Quick Fix". Then select the "Delete defect Association" fix and click Finish. This will be available in the upcoming UML Lab 1.5.3 release (02/22/2013).
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