Using license alternately on two PCs


As I work as a Freelancer I'd like to use my Yatta license alternately on my private PC and at work. Is this possible? What do I need to configure? Move a license file?



  • Hi Michael,

    Floating Licenses (e.g. UML Lab Corporate Edition) should work "out of the box". They may be be installed on any number of computers. All you have to do is to install UML Lab on your laptop and your PC and enter your floating license key.

    Single user licenses (e.g. UML Lab Desktop or Pro Edition) relate to one particular workstation (e.g. laptop or PC) and one user. This means they may only be installed on one computer at any given time. You could install UML Lab at your work for the time your are on your project and uninstall it afterwards.

    However, this seems to be somewhat difficult to handle. If you need another solution please write us a short email referring this post to I am sure we can find a way to handle this more conveniently for you.

    Best regards,
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