UML Lab internal warning: Loading of element failed

edited August 2012 in Eclipse
I use Eclipse Indigo.

After creating a big uml diagram, saved and restarted Eclipse, I got the above error.

Eclipse error dump: No UML element found for visual com.yattasolutions.obf.jy.t@4d66814d (abstractModelReference: null) (name: ICollectable) (abstractClass: false, presentationStyle: null, staticClass: false)
at com.yattasolutions.obf.fa.b.DV(SourceFile:1192)
at com.yattasolutions.obf.fa.b.a(SourceFile:1084)
at com.yattasolutions.obf.fa.b.a(SourceFile:1029)
at com.yattasolutions.obf.fa.b$12$1.doExecute(SourceFile:900)
at org.eclipse.emf.workspace.AbstractEMFOperation.execute(
at com.yattasolutions.obf.fa.b$12$
at com.yattasolutions.obf.fa.b$
at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$

Could you please kindly provide support?



  • Hi Shailen,

    Thank you for your message. I think the error entry does not indicate a real problem. The exception is related to a model element that is not available in the model file anymore, but still referenced in the class diagram file.

    Were you still able to open your diagram?

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