Payment for the Eclipse Marketplace

Imagine you are searching for a new Eclipse plug-in to help you with the technology stack of that new project of yours. Where do you go hunting? Google, followed by searching for the update site URL on some vendor website? That long list of known sites already configured in your IDE or stashed away in your bookmarks? Or do you just hit the Eclipse Marketplace?

Our own numbers for UML Lab paint a very clear picture: with more than 50% of all downloads, the Eclipse Marketplace is by far our most popular distribution channel (with direct update site installs and standalone RCP downloads making up the rest). What’s more, at over 1500 listed solutions and nearly 4.5 million installs, it is the place for Eclipse users to find new plug-ins and for Eclipse vendors and member companies to be found. And with the Eclipse Marketplace Client putting all that at your fingertips right in the IDE, it’s built for convenience.

But what if you actually want to buy a commercial plug-in? Read more…
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