This class has a conflicting patch.


i see the above error message in the Problems Window.
Where can i see these patches?
I looked around in the UML Lab Tree - and could not find patches.

I see my root package double (i'm not drunk) in the UML Lab Tree.
Is that always so or did i make some configuration error?

best regards


  • Update from classpath helped.
    Now UML Lab seems to behave right - no diff window appears any more - but i don't know why.

    The double root package still exists
  • Hi sagi7,

    Patches are shown in the Properties View, on the tab "Stereotypes" if the Stereotype "Patch" is applied. They are removed automatically, if the reverse engineering succeeds without differences to the imported code.

    Why are you seeing the model twice? Are you able to close one of the models?

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