Academic Licence Issuse

I'm using an academic licence in my laptop. Can I use it in my PC in my lab AT THE SAME TIME? Do I need to pay? Thanks.


  • Ming, your license allows you to use UML Lab on one computer at a time. In order to use it in the lab at the same time, you'd usually have to release it on your laptop by closing UML Lab and choosing "Return license" at the shutdown dialog.

    But I've updated your license to allow you to use it on a second computer, so this should work now. Please be careful though to release the license on the lab PC when you're done. Working on different lab PCs might otherwise lock up your license, because each client acquires a lease for up to 7 days of offline use if it isn't released at shutdown.
  • Thank you so much. I love uml-lab. I'm considering pay for a license after the academic program expires. But, €199 is too expensive for a student to afford, especially a Chinese student...
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