Academic license issue


I'm unable to use the floating license. The validity is till October 2014.

Error message - License could not be acquired: co...04 - Volume license has depleted

Please help me. I have class diagram to be submitted.



  • Rosemary,

    Your license volume was depleted, probably because your license was still
    checked out on a different computer. I have reset your license and you
    should be able to use it again now.

    If you want to use UML Lab on more than one computer, please make sure to
    release your license on the first computer by exiting UML Lab and choosing
    "Return license" in the license shutdown dialog. If you don't see that
    dialog, please go to "Window > Preferences > UML Lab > Product License" and
    check the "Keep license on exit" setting.

    Please let me know if you still encounter issues with your license.
  • Hi Carsten

    Thank you for your detailed reply. However I have only been using my laptop with UML Lab along with Eclipse. I've not installed UML Lab on any other machines. The drop down was selected "Yes" for "Keep license on exit" setting always. Do I need to change it to "No"? A text line appears stating offline use until 6/3/14. What does this mean?

  • Hi Rosemary,

    hm, that's strange. Taking a closer look at the license server logs, I see two strange occurrences. On January 19, two license requests were made at the same time. Then on February 2, after initially refreshing the license successfully, it looks like UML Lab suddenly forgot the checked out license somehow and tried to checkout a new one, leading to the failures you experienced.

    Could you maybe send me your workspace logs to You will find them in your workspace directory in the hidden .metadata directory. It's the .log file and - if present - .bak_*.log files.

    The "offline use until 6/3/14" means that UML Lab can work until that date without internet access to revalidate its license. The offline period for your license is 30 days after the last validation. Validation happens automatically in the background as long as an internet connection is available.
  • Hi Carsten

    Thank you for your reply. I've emailed the logs.

  • Hi Rosemary,

    We have identified a potential issue with the license checkout when having multiple workspaces open at the same time. Was that maybe the case for you? If so, please try staying with one open workspace at a time until we've rolled out a new UML Lab version with a fix. That should happen together with the Eclipse Kepler SR2 release on Feb. 28.

    Also, while I don't think there's a direct connection with your problems, it might be worth updating to a current Oracle Java 1.7.
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