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Hi all,
I'm a student from China using the academic edition of uml-lab. Uml-lab is so cool. But I have some problems.
1. My Uml-lab Java project text file encoding is UTF-8. If I make comment in the generated java code in CHINESE, it's ok. If I make some change in the *.umlcd file. Save and generated corresponding java codes. The comments I've made in CHINESE changed into unrecognizable characters. This upset me very much.
2. I would like to change Java code style only a little. How can I make it?
Any help will be appriciate. Thank you.


  • Hi,

    I'm glad you like UML Lab. Regarding your questions:

    a) I tried to reproduce your issue by creating a small example using Chinese text in comments. But unfortunately I was not able to reproduce it. I managed to import and to generate Chinese characters. Please find attached a model and a screenshot of my test. Could you please try if generating code works for you as expected? Just unzip and copy both model and diagram into a project in your workspace and see if round trip engineering keeps the characters.

    b) Creating a Code Style to adapt UML Lab to your project's requirements is very simple. We have some tutorials for this purpose. Just have a look at and

    If you have any questions don't hesitate asking.

    Best regards,
    Manuel Bork

    PS I'll link the bug report to this question and close it.
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  • The first picture works well while the second picture shows the comments in Chinese becomes unrecognizable. I find that in this situation, it may cause this issue. Given one *.uml model file, open first *.umlcd file associated with it, then open another *.umlcd file. Press "Ctrl+Shift+C" in the first *.umlcd,generate some code, so the *.uml was modified at the same time. So eclipse tell me that the second *.umlcd is not saved. If I try to save the second *.umlcd. It will change the Chinese characters into unrecognizable characters. At this time, If I press "Ctrl+Shift+C" in the second *.umlcd, everything will be in mess.

    I think that uml-lab does support UTF-8 encoding, and Chinese are supported as well. However, I guess may be there is something wrong with the saving logic when multi *.umlcd file are associated with one *.uml file?
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